Your System house for eAutomation

We carry out programming, designing, and implementationof various Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and process visualisation based on long years of experience in the area of automation technology.

Our Concept:

We achieve the goal of perfect integration of humans and machines (Human-Machine-Interface HMI) by easy operation of facilities, specialized failure warnings, protocols of operational status, and maintain a very high standard safety at the same time.

Securing the competitive advantage for our customers means reducing down time by means of more rapid reaction in correcting system failures and malfunctions.

Because we embrace technical development in a wide variety of fields dynamic and innovative ability is secure in our company.

Our Services:

  • Neutral consulting for product selection and testing the newest technological developments for individual needs for the customer.
  • Onsite flexibility for constantly growing staffs and freelance workers nationally and internationally.
  • Integration into existing facility components, creating regulation manuals, complete concept development.
  • Complete project documentation provided after project closure.
  • Upgrading programm versions including project documentation via Download in the Internet.

One of our most recent tasks is the support of a medium sized company for the implementation of product and process data management (PDM). We optimize this process by connecting the automation level to SAP R/3 and Oracle as well as data transfer via intranet and internet.